6 Surprising Effects of Obesity

6 Surprising Effects of Obesity

Obesity is a naturally occurring health hazard and is perhaps the most predominant curse of modern society. Most people are so obese nowadays that finding a fit, supple figure has become a matter of considerable challenge.

Since obesity is so pervasive and doesn’t worsen your conditions in an immediate manner, most people tend to take it lightly and ignore the troubling effects of obesity. However, the more you ignore, the more obesity creeps in, the more your chances of suffering in the future increases. Obesity may not be directly causing you any problem, but there is already a host of diseases that will attack you if your obesity continues like this.

Obesity has recently been classified under the category of disease and if you are obese, then you should consider yourself ill. It is probably the most troubling aspect of health since obesity can trigger lesser known diseases by disrupting various functions of the body. Here are some of the diseases that may follow from your obese nature. You will be startled to know some of them.

1. Cancer

If you are refusing to believe that obesity might lead to cancer, then you can ask the scientists. Not just any kind of cancer, but obesity targets specific areas of your internal structure. From breast to colon, from the gallbladder to kidney, from the pancreas to thyroid glands- obesity can spread its evil tentacles everywhere inside your body.

Since a good amount of fat leads to greater secretion of estrogens, one of the components of causing cancer, this is in direct correlation with cancer. Also, leptin is produced alongside this hormone and it is also a known stimulant for cancer cells and their unbound growth. If statistics are anything to go by, the prediction is that by the next two decades, cancer will become a pervasive disease because of increasing obesity.

2. Heart Disease Of Next Generation

Your obesity, of course, causes blockage on your heart. The blood vessels that continually pump blood in and out of heart generally undergo a steady deposition of cholesterol granules. It speeds up even more if you have obesity.

So, the greater the obesity, the more the chances of heart attack is there. However, recent studies have indicated that it is not limited to you anymore but extends to your progenies. If the mother is obese, then the child has as much as a 90 percent chance of having a cardiac arrest due to obesity. Although it is a recent phenomenon coming to light, it has created quite a bit of impact.

3. Fatty Liver

Alcoholic people generally suffer from a fatty liver. However, in recent years, even non-alcoholic people have also been troubled by this curious case of fatty liver. A recent study has revealed a staggering figure. Almost 29 million people from the United States alone suffer from the curse of fatty liver.

At the heart of fatty liver lies the lack of insulin. Since obesity resists insulin secretion, it contributes directly to the development of fatty liver. So, even if you are a non-drinker, fatty liver can creep into you through other avenues.

4. Sleep Apnoea Issues

This is a very common problem which can become a major headache in the future. Since obesity means fat can get stored in the most unusual places, it can block certain pathways. The most common problem of obese people is encountered during sleeping. The extra weight in the form of excess fat gets stored in the tonsils, tongue, and necks. These accumulations cause enlargement in size.

When you are sleeping in a normal position, your extra weight prevents you from breathing freely. This is a cumulative effect of the fat storage in various positions already mentioned. Especially if you have too much neck fat and fat in the tonsils, this problem occurs frequently. So, if you want to be saved from this troubling disease, get up and start working out before your sleep is disturbed permanently.

5. Less Immunity

Obesity attacks you on all fronts and it does not relieve you of the basic health problems either. Since obesity reduces activity and introduces lethargy more than ever, your productivity decreases rapidly. You tend to move slower and you hardly complete your work in time. The precise nature of falling behind, in turn, contributes to depression setting it.

Surveys have revealed that people who are obese tend to take more holidays because of their obesity-related health problems. The illnesses keep increasing until you have taken some action. In fact, so much so, that obesity-induced absence may become costly for industries. So, if you are obese, your job may be at risk. Better start doing something regarding your health problem before your boss gets annoyed with you.

6. Immunity Systems Attack Your Body

The last and probably the worst thing about obesity is its ability to alter the immunity system. The very immunity system that protects you, under the curse of obesity, can become the system that destroys your body. The very popular example of Crohn’s disease is exemplary of such a situation. Such diseases are extremely dangerous as they destroy all kinds of internal attempts to treat the body.

In fact, another such disease is multiple sclerosis. It is because fat tissues inject a lesser-known hormone in your blood that manipulates the immunity system. This is not only a scary proposition but also a fatal one. So, now that you have understood that your whole body can be gradually destroyed by obesity, act swiftly.

Gayathri L

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