AllSheCare.com is an idea of three friends who believe passion over the profession.

Our Team


Gayathri – Founder, Writer & Editor @ AllSheCare.com

Gayathri Lakshminarayanan is an aspiring chartered accountant, who believes life is more than what numbers deal with. She has been in the college editorial board along with Alice Sophia. Movies, music, books, and food are four things that she believes gives true happiness to live.


Aparna – Writer and Editor @ AllSheCare.com

Aparna Krishnaswamy is a commerce graduate, working, well, worked in a big 4 audit firm for few years and then realized her significant four work no more stimulates her purpose for living. As a young student, she always had a passion towards reading. The love towards reading and doing a work that really encourages her every single day made her way into this blog.


Alice – Writer and Editor @ AllSheCare.com

Alice Sophia is a holder of M.Phil, aspiring lecturer. She has been in the college editorial board, which has driven her into this venture. She believes in doing things which excites her and gives a self-satisfaction. She was an athlete at school and a good student at the college. She has been awarded for working tremendously for the College departmental magazine which was a great success.

Idea of AllSheCare.com

The friends who believe life is more than the corporates, the HR meetings, the month end work, the yearend audits, the hikes and promotions, slogging late night to complete the task, monthly targets, training the juniors, reprimands from the seniors, off-site projects, cafeteria meetings, early morning wake-ups and early to bed cuckoos.

When all of a sudden you face the first problem of your life, be it a first pimple or the dark circle, we get so stressed out. But, our grandparents would have dealt with these issues very quickly. The modern era has exposed the current generation to a lot of stress and tension. From school, colleges to the workplace, everyone is stressed and are running towards accomplishing what we wanted to. In the meanwhile, we forget to take proper care of our health.

When these three friends, somewhere found this happening to them, they decided to start an online venture, All She Care – Home remedies for healthy living. All She Care will be a home for all the remedies you can do at home for a better and healthy living.

When it comes to health, there should always be zero compromises. We aim at providing you the health benefits that you derive from the food that we consume daily, like the benefits of various fruits that we eat to name one. We also aim at providing procedural remedies to various health problems like remedies for treating acne naturally.

We also provide you with the pros and cons of the same so that the final decision shall be taken with a complete picture of whether it suits you or not. The remedies that we provide are well researched, and we also provide the references to those research that we made.

Well, looking out for a home remedy? All She Care is all you need to look at.