6 Reasons to Avoid Consuming Fruit Juices

6 Reasons to Avoid Consuming Fruit Juices

A healthy lifestyle is something that we all covet and it is important that we all dedicate ourselves to the achievement of a healthy body and mind. You must have gone through innumerable magazines that describe the best and worst food items you should eat before you can dream of a healthy body.

In addition, you are ready to go to every extent in order to achieve that desired shape of your body and have bought every type of requirements that will help you in the process of getting it.

But hey, do you know that you should boycott some food items and never ever turn to them while you are trying to lose weight?

For instance, you should not ever try to consume fruit juice while you have planned to lose that unwanted pooch from the parts of your body. It is true that we always judge the nutritional value of foods by their names and it is not uncommon in the case of fruits too.

However, much to our surprise, studies in the recent times have come up with the view that whenever you are consuming that sweet, flavored fruit juices, you are just increasing your own risk of getting fatter all the more. Here are the chief reasons that will make you stay away from the fruit juices:

1. Powerhouse for Sugar

You may not believe but this is the optimal truth we can deliver to you. When you are drinking fruit juice, you are actually drinking high levels of sugar, nothing else. So, while that glass of fruit juice tempts you again, you should at first make sure that you are not letting yourself swallow all those contents of sugar and consuming them to attain a more flabby body than ever before.

2. Fruit Juices Lacks Fiber

The lack of fiber can be dangerous to your body. It is important for you to keep in mind that when you are planning to lose weight, it is better if you avoid foods that are incapable of supplying your fiber. Fruit juices are not capable of giving you any percentage of fiber and this is discouraging for you to develop a healthy body.

In no way, this fibreless food item should be in your diet chart. If you want you may take it occasionally say once in a week when you are cheating on your diet, but let us tell you that if you are secretly planning to have some fruit juice every single day with no other person looking, you will do harm only to yourself.

3. Lack of fiber in fruit juices could actually be the reason for your too much sugar intake

Yes, it is absolutely true and there is no doubt in the fact that because there is no fiber in the fruit juices, it is likely that you are subjected to consume more sugar than you would if there was fiber in it. The only reason behind this is that fruits contain natural fibers, which help your body to expel the extra sugar from getting absorbed. The fiber works as a tough barrier and hence it plays a major role in restricting the intestines in your body from absorbing the excess sugar that is present in the juice.

In reality, when the fiber is there, it helps you to stay away from the excess sugar. On the other hand, if you compare it with the fibreless substance called as its juice, then it is only the whole thing without the important fiber. This creates sugar overdosage and loads the liver as the sugar then is able to flow freely.

4. Consuming too much sugar from the juice can also take a toll on your daily schedule

If you are keen on taking fruit juice on a daily basis, it should be considered by you that you are going to face severe problems in your daily life. For instance, if you drink too much of fruit juice and that too daily, you are sure to suffer from lethargy, irritability, and sluggishness which results from the high dosage of the sugar in the juice. So, next time when you are squeezing out juice for that perfect juice, you should also at the same time make sure you do not slog over that most important project the next day in the office.

5. You will become fat with every extra spoon of fruit juice

You may think that it is easy to consume one full glass of fruit juice and then burn it off through heavy exercise sessions. Listen, this is the most impractical decision to take and it will only enhance your craving for this. And the worst part is that you cannot burn a mammoth amount of calorie. Therefore, you will end up getting fatter every day.

6. Try a Healthier Substitute

Health experts suggest that it is way better to find out healthier alternatives to this fruit juice. You may go for diluted fruit juices so that the sweetness of the juices will not tempt you again. Or, you could try eating whole portions of fruits. They are packed with the same vitamins and minerals in them, only plus the fiber content. So go for fruits in the whole form, instead of binging on fruit juices.

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