Benefits of Fermented Foods You Never Knew

Benefits of Fermented Foods You Never Knew

We already know about the vast tribe of bacteria that live inside us. Researchers have led us to know that the cells in our body, which are considered to be the fundamental unit of our body, literally are less in number than the microbiome community inside us, which forms the ratio of 10 to 1.

Hence, according to fitness experts and scientists, a balanced number of microbiome in our bodies plays a major role in regulating our overall system and also takes care of our bodies. This is highly significant as if your body remains healthy, it shall be capable of absorbing all the nutrients of food.

Therefore, if you are planning to lose some weight this season, you must keep in mind that you have to possess a healthy microbiome in your body. This you can do easily by making sure that you include some fermented food items into your diet list. Fermented food is rich in healthy bacteria, which works as a catalyst in maintaining a healthy microbiome, which results in a healthy body. Benefits of Fermented Foods

Why go for probiotics?

When you have access to fermented foods in your diet, buying and consumption of probiotics pills or powders is utter foolishness. Fermented food does that for you, keeping a healthy microbiome system in your body. And what is more, it does that in a more effective way, naturally and gently.

Fermented food items across the world:

Every country has its signature fermented food. This goes for every single type of community to be precise. Do you not feel the significance of fermented food even now? If they were not so significant, people would not have been consuming them years since the evolution of life in this world.

Fermented food can be of many types, given so many people preparing them and all in a different manner. People across the world prepare fermented foods in the forms of seasonings, candy, pickles, pastes, condiments, stews as well as curries.

You can also find fermented drinks all across the globe. We are mostly acquainted with alcoholic ones such as beer or wine. But did you know that there are certain types of teas which are prepared fermented? You can also make fermented drinks from vinegar. Buttermilk is another tasty and important fermented drink that is beneficial to us.

How the popularity of fermented food items is getting reduced

The growing acceptance of junk foods by people has replaced the position of fermented foods. In the earlier years, fermented foods were regarded as sacred as they were the pathways to a healthy body, mind, and soul. The growing consciousness towards fitness however, in the modern days has made these groups of foods have their prestigious place again.

Some fermented foods that are easily available in stores:

Some of the following foods are easily accessible in stores near you. You might as well make them at home:


Koreans are way popular for their ability to make such a tasty preparation like Kimchee. This is made from fermented onions, cabbage, garlic, and carrots.

Fermented vegetables:

You can easily access these items at stores near you. Or if you prefer lazing about, buy them online!


This is an interesting version of fermented cabbage as well. The food item is hugely recognized, prepared and eaten in the countries of Eastern Europe, Germany, Austria, and Russia.


This is a fermented drink made in the Northern parts of Caucasus. They use milk as its main ingredient.


Yogurt is a very popular food item. This has wide use in the process of losing weight. Like Kefir, this too consists of milk as its main ingredient. This is consumed in the parts of central Europe, India, western Asian countries, along with the Balkans.Benefits of Fermented Foods

Why is fermented food so popular?

Experts worldwide recommend fermented food as they are really beneficial in giving you the desired state of health. Studies related to this subject have revealed that fermented food is responsible for easy weight loss. They are also prescribed by health professionals to patients who suffer from unwanted anxiety, depression, brain fog, hormonal issues, skin issues, and digestive problems and so on.

Specified benefits of fermented foods:


Koreans love this one. They include this dish in every meal of theirs. This food item is one of the most powerful of foods proved to be efficient in losing weight.

Fermented vegetables:

You can make tasty dishes with your favorite fermented vegetable. You make them in the form of pickle, sauces, as well as stews. If you make them at home, you are sure to have no added sugar and preservatives in your diet. Phew!


This pickled form of cabbage is made by lactic-fermentation, which implies that the glucose and other forms of sugar are transformed into energy and lactic acid. Smart, eh?


Though it looks somewhat like yogurt, it is not prepared in the same way.  It is greatly beneficial in amping up the capability of your immune system and is also known to prevent symptoms of cancer.


Another fermented drink made from milk, this is also known to have immense health benefits. This is also used widely as a tool for weight loss therapy and maintaining levels of blood sugar.

So, now that you have come to know about the fermented foods (other than the already famous yogurt and Sauerkraut), consider making them a part of your diet. The key to healthy living has just been unlocked!

Gayathri L

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