Cleansing Dry Skin (The Right Way) – Definitive Guide

Cleansing Dry Skin (The Right Way) – Definitive Guide

Wonder what will be the answer if we ask someone which is the largest organ in the human body? It is our skin that covers our complete physical body end to end. This largest organ of the human body is of many types: some of them being Sensitive Skin, Soft Skin, Dry Skin, and Healthy Skin. This article will serve as a guide for cleansing dry skin.

Though Healthy skin has been mentioned as an option above, every type of skin can be healthy if appropriate care is taken about the same.

Hundreds of myths float around, particularly when it comes to health and medical conditions. Most of these myths are time wasters causing unnecessary stress in the minds of concerned. Myths about skin care and maintenance also do their rounds every now and then.

The funny fact is, such myths are created for all types of skin more so for the dry ones very often. Every individual who failed in getting their skin maintenance right creates a myth about the method that failed them.

Some of the myths that float around about Dry Skin are listed below for clarity.

  • Dry skin is hard to manage
  • Dry skin causes a lot of issues than any other type of skin
  • Dry skin cannot be exfoliated since it is too fragile in nature
  • There are no cures for Dry skin

Remember, all the above are just myths about dry skin. Let us make them remain myths. Let us have a detailed look at some tips for cleansing dry skin and the many aspects related to the same in a detailed manner. It is important we have a clear understanding of what Dry Skin is all about before we dwell into the many aspects about the same in detail.

What is Dry Skin?

Dry Skin is referred to as Dermatitis in medical terms. Dry skin, in simple terms, is the antonym of healthy skin. While Dry Skin is not exactly an unhealthy skin, the cracking texture the dryness provides to the skin makes it absolutely uncomfortable to experience.

Dry skin causes itching in people making it turn reddish due to scratches did on the skin to manage the itching. Dry Skin may not be a common phenomenon across all parts of the body but can be present in select parts also.

Most people suffer from dry skin in their hands and legs predominantly. Even people who tend to have oily skin may develop dryness occasionally owing to many factors internal and external.

A clear understanding of the factors that cause Dry Skin will help us take precautionary measures to prevent getting affected by the same.

Factors Causing Dry Skin

Many internal and external factors cause Dry Skin some of them being

  • Exposing the skin to extremely hot water for bathing in a frequent manner
  • Weather conditions that are dry in nature
  • Using chemicals that are harmful, out of ignorance or carelessness
  • Medical conditions like Diabetes, dehydration, and Psoriasis also contribute to dry skin though the intensity of the same may be different.
  • Other common conditions that cause dry skin are bathing habits of people, hot or extremely cold weather conditions and age factor

Dry skin caused due to any of the above factors fall under different categories classifying the same into varying types.

Types of Dry Skin

Dry Skin can be caused due to many factors making it fall under varied types. Understanding the types of Dry Skin will help us be cautious about handling things in a careful manner.

  1. Seborrheic Dermatitis is the first type of dry skin that is caused when the skin produces excessive levels of oily substance for various reasons. Infants experience this type of Dry skin. It is important to treat this type of dry skin in the manner prescribed to treat the same.
  2. Contact Dermatitis is in other terms called as local inflammation and can be classified under two categories namely Allergic Contact Dermatitis and Irritant Contact Dermatitis. While the first type of Dermatitis is caused due to your exposure to some substance that you are allergic to, the second type is caused mainly due to the exposure to some chemicals that can cause irritation.
  3. The third type of Dermatitis is termed as Atopic Dermatitis which in common man terms is called Eczema.

Dry skin Cleansing Errors in Practice

People who go by the myth that it is hard to maintain Dry skin have a valid reason to avoid any errors pertaining to the same. People who feel it is easy to maintain dry skin must never slip in doing the same since a small error may cause distressing damage. We enlist some mistakes done by people who have Dry skin so others who have the same can be careful while handling it.

1. Skipping Exfoliation

People who have dry skin must exfoliate their skin much against the myth that the same must not be done. However, care must be taken to choose the gentlest exfoliating agents so it does not aggravate the dryness already experienced by the skin. Using the right kind of exfoliators makes the dry skin soft. It also prepares the dry skin surface to absorb moisturizer by removing the dirt accumulation on the skin surface.

2. Bathing in Extremely Hot Water

People tend to take bath in boiling hot water to get rid of body pain or just for the sake of enjoying the heat of the water. Hot water dries out the already dry skin worsening the condition further. Taking bath in lukewarm water removes the dirt accumulation on the surface of the skin while safeguarding the protecting layer at the same time.

3. Cleaning with the Wrong Products

Many people who have dry skin tend to get rid of the same frantically. They go by the recommendations made by others in the most unscientific manner. They tend to use the wrong products on their already dried up skin.

This worsens the situation for them creating more chaos to their dry skin scenario. Do not go by hearsays but carry out an in-depth research before you choose a cleanser for your dry skin. Using the perfect product that suits the dryness levels of your skin helps it get rid of the situation in an easy and quick manner.

4. Avoid Cleansing Everyday 

Based on your own earlier experience that has been negative for some reason or based on the advice given by others, you tend to avoid cleansing your dry skin every day. This is one of the common mistakes most people with dry skin do.

Think logically. Your dry skin experiences wear and tear every day. The dirt and grimes that accumulate on your dry skin every day spoil it further every passing day. When this is the case, failing to cleanse the same every day based on the advice thrown on you will only further aggravate your dry skin condition.

Ensure you clean your dry skin every day with a gentle cleanser. After cleansing, apply a good quality moisturizer that suits your skin to help it remain healthy and hydrated.

5. Cleansing Dry Skin Using Products with Alcohol Content

Many people who have dry skin use beauty products that are high in Alcohol content. Irrespective of the fact if the same is being done out of ignorance or innocence, the Alcohol content in the products they use aggravate the intensity of dryness in the skin.

The above information has been provided for people with dry skin to be careful with their practices and habits. When proper care is taken to maintain dry skin in a healthy manner, maintaining Dry skin is a child’s play.

Tips for Cleansing Dry Skin in the Perfect Manner

Dry Skin is easily manageable when you follow appropriate skin care tips. The following guidelines will help you maintain your dry skin in the best possible manner.

1. Shed that fear about toners

Do not deprive your skin of Toners for the fear of high Alcohol content usually present in them. Toners, in reality, are helpful in making the pores on the skin surface look smaller. This makes the skin soft and clear.

Instead of omitting toners totally, go in for the ones that are low in alcohol content. Toners help maintain dry skin in an effective manner by restoring the pH balance in the skin which eventually is responsible for reducing its dryness.

When you go in for toners that have zero alcohol content like Witch Hazel, the soothing effect it offers to the dry skin makes it highly manageable. The hydration that such zero alcohol toners offer to dry skin makes it look rich and glowing.

2. Go for Cleansers That Hydrate

Be absolutely careful when you choose your cleanser for usage on Dry Skin. Understand about the types of cleansers that best suits Dry skin and go in for the one that fits in your requirements. You can understand if a particular cleanser suits your skin immediately after using the same.

If the cleanser you use causes tightness to the skin immediately after use, probably you must get rid of the same quickly. The tightness caused in the skin is an indicator that your skin is being stripped of the moisture levels.

Look for a cleanser that is highly hydrating, capable of handling your Dry skin in a gentle manner.

3. Choose Alcohol-free Wipes

When you have to use wipes, ensure the same is alcohol-free. Wipes with Alcohol content further dry out the already dry skin making it look unhealthy.

Avoid wipes that have fragrance since the chemicals involved in the creation of the fragrance can meddle with your dry skin.

Baby wipes are usually free of fragrance and Alcohol. Using such mild wipes on your dry skin will provide it the basic hydration making it smooth and soft.

4. Cleansing Dry Skin with Enriching Oils

The more the chemicals in the products you apply on the Dry skin the more the negative reaction. Nature offers many oils that are absolutely dry skin friendly. Natural or organic oils are void of fragrances and added preservatives.

This means natural oils can be the best friends for your dry skin. You can go in for natural oils like Avocado, Jojoba, Almond, and Argan. You can either use these oils in an individual manner or mix and match them to suit your requirement.

Apply this oil on your dry skin and gently massage with your fingertips. Clean the area with lukewarm water and wipe off gently with zero alcohol wipes. Avoid rubbing the surface of the skin when wiping off the oil sediments on the skin. You will experience a supple and soft skin that is highly hydrated after every massage.

5. Avoid Having Makeup on Your Dry Skin

If you can’t avoid wearing Makeup despite having dry skin, at least ensure that you remove the same immediately after its requirement is over. The more the number of hours the dry skin is under Makeup, the drier it becomes due to the chemical content in the same. Ensure you remove your makeup with natural products that are free of alcohol in a gentle manner.

One of the best Makeup removers for Dry skin is the natural oils which are skin friendly. Remove the Makeup you wear over your dry skin with the help of any natural oil of your choice. Wipe off the oily surface with lukewarm water and pat gently with a clean cloth. Do not use any type of pressure on the skin during the complete process.

Allow your skin to be itself all through the night. If you are in the habit of wearing a night cream after removing the Makeup, go in for a gentle one. This will lock the moisture the natural oil massage created on the surface of the skin. This moisture retained by the skin will slowly enhance the texture of the same over a period of time making it look healthy and glowing.

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