15 Amazing Health Benefits of Radish

Radishes are primarily considered to be the root crop vegetable, and they are juicy, healthy and also sweet in flavor. They are found mostly in white and also found in red, purple or black, and they are also found in different shapes too, long and cylindrical or round. They can be consumed raw, boiled or it can also be preserved. The oil that is extracted from the radish seeds is used in many products that have many health benefits. Listed here are 15 health benefits of radish.

Nutritional Value

Radishes are rich in nutrients and fiber that provides a lot of health benefits if combined with our regular diet. They safeguard the liver, lowers blood glucose also helps to detox our body and averts cholesterol gallstones.

This root is considered to be an active cancer-fighting agent and is enriched in folic acids. They are low in calories and have zero percent cholesterol. They are enriched in protein and fiber in considerable quantities.

Radishes can also treat skin complaints. Radish sprouts indorse digestion by stimulating bile production while radish leaf juice relieves constipation.

Applying the juice of radish on our face can have an anti-aging and skin brightening effect. Radishes are rich in Vitamin C which is essential for boosts our system resistance and also serves a range of other purposes.

Health Benefits of Radish

1. Radish Fights Against Cancer

Cancer is one of the most health concerning the issue that most of us are trying to avoid. Adding radish in our diet helps to fight against various threads of cancer like colon, stomach, intestinal, oral and kidney cancers. This is due to the presence of Vitamin C, folic acid and anthocyanins which are potent anti-oxidants that is present in this root, it prevents the cancer cells from reproducing.  According to research, radish can inhibit cell growth and induce cell death by modulating genes involved in the process. Glucosinolates that are present in radish are responsible for its anticancer properties.

2. Radish Helps to Prevent Liver Damage

Every day, we are wide-open to many environmental pollutants that can damage the liver. But radish is widely known for its liver protective activity. Subjects that are exposed to the harmful chemicals can cause fatty liver, cirrhosis, and necrosis was given a radish extract. Therefore radish prevents liver damage by subduing inflammation and also reduces the levels of an enzyme that serves as a marker for liver damage. So intake of radish in our diet helps to keep this vital organ functioning smoothly.

3. Radish Helps with Weight Loss

Radish is considered to be the low-calorie vegetable, radishes contain no fat or cholesterol and have a high water content. They also have a substantial amount of digestive fiber that helps increases the satiety level and keeps us to feel full for longer. A single 100g serving of raw radish contains just 16 calories, radish can be a part of any weight loss diet.

4. Radish Helps to Fight Toxins And Aids In Detoxification

Our bodies are constantly bombarded by toxins. Radish is powerful when it comes to eliminating toxins. A simple way to detox them just includes radish in our diet. Back radishes are significant in increasing the detoxification enzymes.

5. Radish Relieves Constipation

Almost many people would have battled constipation in their life, and it is definitely not a pleasant condition to be in. Over many years, the juice of radish leaf has been used as a laxative to treat constipation as well as bloating. Radish is rich in high fiber content which helps to clear the food stuck in your colon. Additionally, it helps facilitate the secretion of digestive juices and bile which again is good for our digestive system.

6. Radish Helps to Cure Jaundice

As radish can eliminate toxins, it helps keep our liver and stomach in mint condition. Radish is effective in controlling jaundice that helps to regulate the amount of bilirubin in the blood and thus increases the oxygen supply within the body. This helps to keep a check on the destruction of red blood cells that is caused by jaundice.

7. Radish Regulates Blood Pressure

Radish naturally possesses the anti-hypertensive properties that help to standardize and control high blood pressure. Radish is rich in potassium that helps to maintain the sodium-potassium balance in the body by keeping blood pressure under control.

8. Radish Control Diabetes

The high presence of fiber content present in radish with a low glycaemic index, the diabetics can enjoy radish as it doesn’t cause blood sugar levels to rise.

9. Radish Helps to Cleanse Kidney

The natural diuretic property present in radish makes it extremely good for improving the kidney health. They help to eliminate the toxins from the body by acting as a natural cleanser. The juice of radish helps in preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs) and helps to shorten the length of the time to have to deal with the infection.

10. Radish Protects the Respiratory System

Radish naturally has anti congestive properties that create them extremely helpful for asthmatic patients. It also fights against allergies of the respiratory system and safeguards the respiratory linings against any respiratory infections.

11. Radish Prevents Cholesterol Gallstones

Usually, sedentary lifestyles, high-fat diets, and obesity lead to the formation of cholesterol gallstones. Due to the presence of antioxidant and anti-cholesterol properties in radish, it helps to prevent the formation of cholesterol gallstones. Black radish has traditionally been used as a medicine for treating gallstones.

12. Radish Helps to Have a Healthy Heart

Radish has anti-inflammatory properties that help to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Radishes are naturally low in cholesterol so it can manage diabetes and regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Anthocyanins that is present in radish helps to circulate metabolites and also prevent cardiovascular diseases by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

13. Radish Acts As a Skincare Agent

The water content present in this root helps to keep our skin naturally moisturized. Radish is good for our skin due to the presence of Vitamin C and B, vitamin, zinc, and phosphorus. Radishes also have disinfectant properties that aids to prevent any types of skin disorders like dry skin, rashes or cracks. Also by drink up radish juice and apply some on your skin as well, it helps to smoothen and brighten up the skin.

14. Radish Treats Osteoarthritis

Consumption of radishes helps to prevent or delay the early state conditions like arthritis. Vitamin C which is present in radish acts against the free radicals in our body and prevents any damages to body cartilage.

15. Radish Boosts Body Immunity

The presence of Vitamin C in radish creates an outstanding choice for it to be included in our diet for strengthening body immunity. Vitamin C aids to regulate body metabolism and help in the formation of collagen. Collagen helps to strengthen blood vessel walls and prevents the onset of various cardiovascular diseases too.

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