6 Moisture-Boosting Winter SkinCare Tips

6 Moisture-Boosting Winter SkinCare Tips

Winters comes with a lot of problems in hand. Right from the moisturization needs to the cracked heals. The biting cold does not just need you to protect yourself from the cold winds but also from a range of skin care problems that go hand in hand. Mentioned below are 6 moisture-boosting winter skincare tips to follow this winter for skin care

A lot of money is generally spent in fighting against such skin problems during the winter months. But, instead, if you take a little care of your skin, your problem can transform into a minimal one.

Rather than simply wasting your money on the winter products, the simple idea is to pick the most hydration-boosting products that will not just keep the moisture intact but also give you the radiant glow of winter glow.

1. Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturising your skin is the most important and vital requirement for your skin in winters.

There are multiple moisturizing options that protect the skin from common winter problems such as- dryness, crankiness, stiffness, and skin tightening. Moisturizing ensure that your skin remains hydrated throughout the winter dryness and helps to fight through the breakouts due to the dry skin patches on the skin.

If you are the one who prefers natural ingredients, try natural moisturizing options. Aloe Vera, honey, fresh milk cream are just a few of the many options which do not only provide extra moisture to your skin in winter but also keep it glowing and healthy.

2. Exfoliate Your Skin At Least Twice A Week

During the winters, the formation of dead skin cells becomes a fast process. Thus, it becomes very important to get rid of them. This can be done by exfoliating your skin at least twice a week. This will help in getting rid of the dead skin cells and also let your skin cells breathe.

Using a creamy exfoliation scrub is recommended as it tends to be gentler on the skin, as compared to the other exfoliation options. They provide the extra moisture during winters.

By exfoliating your skin regularly, you create good chances for new skin cell production and your skin become smoother. Such skin is ideal for absorbing moisture quickly and properly. However, take care that you do not overdo the exfoliation procedure. Just do it two or three times a week on your face and body.

3. Pick Oil-Based Products

Oil-based cleansers have always been preferred during the winters as they not just cleanse but also provide extra needed moisture.

The oil content in the cleanser helps deep cleanse the skin and remove all kinds of make-up, along with healing the dry patches.

Similarly, you can opt for cosmetics that have a rich oil base. If you wish to get that extra smoothness and moisture in your skin, try thick and creamy moisturizers which contain oil. You can also try oil-based foundations, mascara, and other cosmetics when you have to put on makeup in winters.

By using oil-based cosmetics, your skin will not become dry and will stay supple even during the dry and chilly season of winters.

4. Take Special Care Of The Lips

Your chapped or cracked lips must be handled using the scrubs during the winters. Due to the climatic change, the lips easily gets chapped due to the change of temperature and in order to revitalize them, they must be scrubbed, hydrated and exfoliated that will leave your lips smooth and perfect for lipsticks.

5. Use Lukewarm Water Over Hot

Hot water attracts a lot during the winters, but it’s always recommended to use lukewarm water as compared to the hot one as this may damage your skin. The hot water showers make your skin dry and dull with time.

One of the best tips to boost moisture during winters is that you apply good skin oil all over your body, once you have taken the shower. Once the oil has been applied, stand under the shower for a minute or so and then dab your body softly.

This amazing tip will make your skin baby soft and will help retain moisture too. In addition to this, let us tell you that body massage is also a great way to make your skin soft and glowing. By doing a body massage in the right way, you can increase its moisture level as the oil gets absorbed deeply in your skin during massage.

Take any oil that is good for the skin. You can try olive oil, almond oil or any other oil that suits your skin. Warm the oil and massage it into your body for around 10-12 minutes. Leave it

6. Hydrate The Skin As Much As Possible

Hydration is the most important requirement for your skin during the winters. In order to remove the impurities drink water in plenty of quantity. This will help in proper functioning of the body and remove the extra impurities, as well. It is a small but helpful tip to drink warm water as cold water is a little difficult to consume during winters.

Moreover, the warm water is good for digestion and overall health too. Just warm some water and keep it in a thermally sealed flask so that the water remains warm for longer period of time. Keep this warm water flask on your work table or in your room and consume it frequently. This will keep your skin and body hydrated maintaining the right moisture level in your skin.

Drinking a good amount of water will not only boost moisture level but will also add a beautiful glow to your skin. Also, you can enhance your water consumption by having fruits and vegetables which contain a good amount of water.

You can even add flavor to your plain water. Just take a glass full of clean water. Cut some slices of fresh cucumber and put them into the glass to get a fresh smell and a cucumber flavor. Similarly, you may try orange, lemon or other fruits if you do not want to drink plain water.

In order to keep your skin supple, glowing and regain the lost moisture during the winters, it is very important to make use of the products that will not make your skin dry and keep it hydrated, moisturized and soft with a flawless base.

Gayathri L

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