Reasons Why Raspberry is Good For You

Reasons Why Raspberry is Good For You

Raspberries are surely one of the most popular berries around the globe and surely, young and old like it alike. However, if you were aware of its benefits, you would have had the berries more frequently. Not just the taste but the numerous health benefits are worth considering for if you love raspberries.

Recent research developments have indicated that innocuous as it may seem, raspberries surely have been opening avenues to new medical developments. Here are some advantages of raspberries that can be listed so that you start having raspberries if it is missing from your diet.

1. Cure for obesity

One of the fundamental benefits of raspberries is its ability to work on the problematic issue of obesity effectively. Often, obesity becomes a difficult problem to manage and hence, scientists and dieticians are always searching for a simple solution for this age-old and pervasive problem.

However, they hardly knew that the solution was waiting for them in the form of raspberries. While it is never counted among the elite fruits, surely its status is going to change very soon after it achieves the importance.

Raspberries are rich in phytonutrients. It contains a special type of nutrient known as raspberry ketone. To curb obesity, you have to increase the metabolism level of your fat-containing cells so that they burn the excess fat more steadily.

These nutrients work on the enzyme content and then increase oxygen consumption so that greater heat is produced in the various kinds of fat cells that our body possesses. This is precisely how you can curb fat consumption in your body effectively. In fact, such ketone also removes the possibility of fatty liver if consumed regularly.

In fact, lipase, the enzyme that creates fat digestion cycle in your stomach, is the reason why you are getting fat. Raspberries ensure that the enzyme activity is decreased and fat is absorbed less by your body.

2. Rich antioxidants for your body’s cleansing

Your body is the home to fast foods and hence, all the problematic free radicals. Free radicals are the worst kinds of pollutants for your body as they decrease your immunity level slowly but surely and eat away your body’s internal strength through continuous reactions.

Antioxidants ensure that your body does not suffer from all the eroding free radicals. In fact, scientists have concluded that organic raspberries work much better as antioxidants and ensure a more complete cleansing of the body than the non-organic ones.

Of course, there is hardly any doubts regarding the power of natural fruits and raspberries only affirm a proven fact more resoundingly.

In fact, if you buy raspberries that have grown fully or are perfectly ripe, then you are doing it right. Ripe berries have a high content of phenol alongside flavonoids and most importantly, elements who become important as the berries age.

Often, even after raspberries are harvested, they continue to ripen and hence, you cannot put them anywhere. If you expose them to the heat and sun, they may well be molded to something degraded.

Hence, the best practice would be to buy the berries when they are fully grown and more importantly, store them in a cool, dark place before consuming them quickly.

3. Anti-carcinogenic abilities

Not only does raspberry contain antioxidants, but also some anti-inflammatory qualities which help in, surprisingly enough, fight carcinogenic issues. Among the many types of cancer, raspberry can help you fight breast cancer, colon and prostate cancer as well as cervical ones.

The phytonutrients work at a cellular level to resist the cancerous attack. Because it resists inflammation, it ensures that the oxidation rate of cells is reduced drastically. This, in turn, works on the reproduction as well as cell alterations that may lead to cancerous diseases. However, more fascinating information awaits.

Beyond the simple antioxidant properties or the ones already discussed, recent research has brought up even more fascinating ideas about this common fruit. The phytonutrients in raspberries are powerful enough to ward off the signals that initiate cancer in the existing endangered cells or the potentially dangerous ones.

In fact, some of the nutrients are so powerful that they can kill the cells that are showing cancerous properties already. This is a remarkable ability that has come to light.

For the potential ones, on the other hand, the nutrients ensure that they do not show an inclination to become cancerous. Hence, overall, it has amazing resistive power towards cancer.

4. Attacking blood sugar issues

Blood sugar is one of the perennial problems and it erodes the human body slowly and surely. It is one of the silent killers that you must be wary of if you are suffering from it and you should take immediate measures.

There are certain nutrients in raspberries that ensure your body does not suffer from a lack of adiponectin that will lead to the classic type 2 diabetes. Since such problems are directly related to obesity, decreasing blood fat also becomes an important function.

In fact, raspberry works brilliantly on an enzyme that controls sugar production. This enzyme breaks starch into glucose and causes your body to produce excessive sugar. Raspberries ensure that this enzyme cannot function properly and your body does not produce excess sugar.

In short, raspberries are a necessary presence in your diet chart to boost your immunity effectively. They themselves are very low on sugar so that also adds up to the list of benefits that keeps growing nowadays.

Gayathri L

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