5 Surprising Side Effects of Vegetable Oils

5 Surprising Side Effects of Vegetable Oils

There are many health myths that need to broken immediately and vegetable oil may well be on top of that list. If you are a foodie and you are on diet because of your increasing obesity, somebody must have told you that having things cooked in vegetable oil does not hurt your diet plan and calorie count.

Well, it is time you inform the person that the advice was not only ill-informed but also misplaced. Not only did vegetable oil hurt your dietary plans but also had bad impacts on your health in various ways. The word vegetable is surely the most unconvincing yet disgustedly convincing word in it. Vegetable oils, no matter what vegetable they come from, are not healthy by any means.

Many dieticians often misinterpret the fact that vegetable oil contains unsaturated fats which means it is better than oil with heavily saturated fats. Such a binary is strictly harmful in considering your diet plan since it will never help in consolidating your plan. While vegetable oils do have different fatty acids and the concentrations are also different, that never means that it is considered healthy.

1. Too Much Oil Is Extremely Harmful

Since vegetable oil is assumed safe, if you start cooking everything with vegetable oil, you are in for trouble. Vegetable oil largely refers to sunflower oil, soybean oil etc. and are prevalent in the market because of its popular demand among health-conscious people.

It is time to note that these oils contain large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids of omega-6 type, which can be extremely troublesome for your body. Of course, olive and coconut oils are exceptions in this regard. But they are hardly used for cooking purposes.

Vegetable oils are more or less a modern invention and hence, seeing it as a must-have for your diet is only a foolish decision. The whole processing system, if you have any knowledge about it, will surely make you cringe since the amount of compression and calorie production is very troubling.

2. The Composition Of Fatty Acid Gets Disturbed

There are essential fatty acids in your body which, when present in the necessary amount, can help your body function in the required and normal way. These fatty acids belong to the omega-3 and omega-6 types.

However, it is essential to maintain a balance between the two types of fatty acids since that plays a part in maintaining the correlation between different parts of the human body. Now, the significant factor in this information is that the ratio of these two fatty acids has been changing since the birth of the human race.

Omega-6 has increased considerably and now has a much higher presence than omega-3. However, these fatty acids come from your diet plan and hence, it is important to supply them in requisite amounts. Else, you are going to be troubled by disparate bodily problems due to lack of synchrony between physical functions. Since this balance affects right at the cellular level, any problem in maintaining it can severely affect your body including the brain.

Too much vegetable oil consumption increased the omega-6 type fatty acids and these being polyunsaturated, can react with free radicals and even damage DNA if given opportunity. So, excess vegetable oil can completely destroy your physical fitness.

3. Inflammation Problems

The essential fatty acids play a part in production of modified fatty acids which help transfer information between cells and hence, controls a major portion of immunity functions. However, these modified fatty acids are also known to cause inflammation.

While it is good for healing purposes and is perhaps necessary for making your body function in a normal way, it is also important to control it or it may lead to more worrying problems. In fact, the inflammation is balanced by the two acids since omega-6 contributes to and omega-3 resists inflammation.

However, since vegetable oils contain omega-6 types heavily, consuming it daily will lead to severe inflammation problems and increase free radicals in your body. You may end up suffering from severe cardiovascular diseases. So, if you don’t want to invite heart attacks by following popular advice, stop having vegetable oil.

4. The Problematic Trans Fats Vegetable Oils – Side Effects

The most worrying part of consuming vegetable oil is the high concentration of trans-fats. These kinds of fats tend to solidify during room temperature existence and they can be really troublesome in terms of increasing your chances of having a heart attack.

Now, there are some immediate effects on diabetes, obesity etc. In fact, governments around the world have provided a blanket ban on trans-fats and have decided to legal actions against those who promote trans-fats in their food materials.

However, you could have never known that vegetable oil, seemingly your best dietary friend, can be extremely harmful because of its high concentration of trans-fats. All soybean oils especially are harmful in this regard.

5. Beware Of Heart Attacks

Your heart is something that needs to be protected at any cost. A good heart leads to a long life. However, such is hardly the case if you consume vegetable oil in your diet. Their fatty acid compositions and many other elements end up increasing free radicals and heart inflammations. In the end, it leads to a heart attack that can end your life.

While people used to locate heart attacks in various other food materials, nowadays vegetable oils have been understood to be the main culprit. So, if you are still pouring vegetable oil in your cooking process, stop doing that immediately.

Gayathri L

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