6 Skincare Tips Before you Hit The Pool

6 Skincare Tips Before you Hit The Pool

Water-lovers cannot resist jumping into a swimming pool that shines with crystal clear water and allures with its captivating serenity! Especially, when summers roll in, the sight of a swimming pool creates an instant urge of getting soaked into cools ripples of water. But if you haven’t taken the necessary precautions, you can get your skin and hair damaged badly! Thus, here, we tell you about 6 fantastic Skincare Tips Before you Hit The Pool.

1. Get a Pre-Swim Bath

The most significant skin care tip before you hit the pool is to take a shower before entering the pool. Remember that swimming pool water is treated with various chemicals to destroy harmful bacteria present in it.

Undoubtedly, the bacteria get destroyed but the chemicals remain in the water. To safeguard your skin against any pool water chemicals like bromine, chlorine, and others, it is strongly recommended that you take a shower.

Also, make it very clear that you do not have to take a shower for just a few seconds. You have to spend ample time in it so that your body gets completely hydrated and wet. The reason why we are emphasizing on spending good time in the pre-swim shower is that a well-hydrated body absorbs comparatively less chlorine!


  1. You have a clean body before you enter the pool. (This minimizes any chances of skin infections with the pool water.)
  2. Your body is completely hydrated and so absorbs fewer chemicals

2. Apply Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen on your entire body is yet another vital skin care tip before hitting the pool. To well serve the purpose of taking care of your skin, it is important to choose the right sunscreen. You should use a waterproof sunscreen that contains UVB as well as UVA protection.

Having these protections in your sunscreen means that your skin will stay protected for longer while you splash, play and swim in the pool! Also, sunscreens with UVB and UVA help prevent tanning on your skin.

For some reason, if you can’t get such effective sunscreens, it is better to use petroleum jelly. Make sure that you apply petroleum jelly/sunscreen well on your body. Cover each part of your body from head to toe.


  1. Your skin gets a protective shield
  2. You stay away from the effects of chlorine o another chemical
  3. Prevent sun tanning, photo-aging or any sun damage

3. Applying Body Lotion & Rinse

This skin care tip is actually a blend of the two mentioned above! You have to apply body lotion and get rinsed as well. Actually, when we enter the swimming pool, excess formation of oils in skin takes place.

This further leads to the dull dry skin as your body lose extra oils while swimming. Hence, to prevent excess buildup of oils during swimming, you need to apply a good swimming lotion, at least 20 minutes prior to swimming. Leave the lotion on your body for two-three minutes. Afterward, take shower.


  1. Safeguards your skin from excess buildup of oils
  2. Gives your skin enough time to absorb the lotion
  3. Make your skin swim-ready

4. Use Chlorine Neutralizing Agent

Now this skin care tip is especially for those who have got a very sensitive skin. You need to stay extra cautious before entering the pool.

However, you just have to do a simple move of buying a pre-swimming body lotion that contains chlorine neutralizers in it. Such body lotions provide extra protection against swimming so that you do not experience itching, redness or chapping after getting out of the pool. This tip can also be used by those who suffer from an ailment called eczema.


  1. Provides extra protection against chlorine in the pool
  2. Lessens chance of skin irritation, itching & inflammation

5. Hydrate Your Body from Within

If you are wondering why you need to stay hydrated when you are actually entering the water, let us tell you that our body loses water when we are in the water.

Yes! Our body loses water in form of sweat! Just as we sweat while working out or playing games, we sweat too when we are swimming because after all, swimming is also a kind of exercise! Isn’t it?

The only difference is that we obviously cannot see when we sweat inside the water! So stay hydrated by drinking lots of water before hitting the pool. Also, if possible, keep drinking water or having light cocktails during swimming too.


  1. Your body is not short of water
  2. You get the required energy with a well-hydrated body.

6. Prefer Swimming in Outdoor Swimming Pools

You must be wondering why we are asking you to do so as a skin care tip but believe us, it has an important logic behind! Swimming pools which are situated outdoors have fewer chemicals in them in comparison to those situated indoors.

In fact, what happens in the outdoor pools is that the gases from various chemicals in water get released into the air. Obviously, pools with fewer chemicals are better for your skin!

And not only skin, but they are also good for eyes, hair, and lungs too. If you cannot find or go to outdoor swimming pools, it is better to search for pools that are well ventilated.


  1. Presence of fewer chemicals in outdoor pools
  2. Good for skin, hair, eyes & lungs

By following these easy to apply skin care tips you can make your body and skin swim-ready in the perfect way!

So ladies!

Make sure to follow these amazing tips and have all the fun while swimming or chilling in the pools. Also, do not forget to rinse yourself well once you come out of the water!

Again, take shower properly and spend a few minutes cleaning your body well. This will let you remove any residuals of chlorine on your body. In addition to this, do apply moisturizer all over your body to keep your skin soft and smooth.

Gayathri L

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