6 Skincare Tips for Babies Every Mother Should Know

6 Skincare Tips for Babies Every Mother Should Know

Your child is the most special gift given to you by God. It becomes the prime duty of every mother to be essential careful while dealing with the skin care of her baby. Mostly the mothers tend to be a little worried and doubtful on what to use and how to keep their baby’s skin moisturised and retain its texture. Mentioned below is a list of 6 skincare tips for babies every mother should know-

1. Bathing Tip

Bathing the baby with a moisturised soap or top to toe wash every 2 – 3 days using lukewarm water helps in keeping away the dryness. Don’t use fragrance soaps, instead apply especially recommended mild baby soaps as they are rich in moisture and helps retain the skin moisture of the baby.

Bathing your little one with a mild soap and in a gentle manner will not only help her maintain a soft and healthy skin but will also induce good relaxed sleep. And remember that good sleep is also a supporting fact for a healthy beautiful skin. Regular bathing of the baby is essential as it keeps the baby’s skin and body clean and germ-free.

By giving a nice gentle bath to your baby, you can stay assured about a healthy, clean and soft skin of your baby.

Moreover, regular bathing of the baby also minimizes the chances of getting ill as most of the germs get washed away. The only important tip here is that do consider weather while planning to bathe your baby. If it’s too cold, just limit the baths but keep changing the clothes every day. On the contrary, if it is summer time and extremely hot weather, give your baby a good bath two times a day.

2. Lotion Tip

Restrict the bathing time of the baby as less as possible as this will help in retaining the skin moisture levels. Immediately after the bathing, don’t forget to apply a suitable baby lotion or baby moisturizing cream all over the body to lock the moisture content of the baby’s skin.

This not just locks the moisture but also keeps the skin well protected. In case of dry patches on the skin, ample amount of lotion must be applied by smoothly rubbing the same such that it dissolves into the skin, naturally.

Also, make sure to keep your baby fully covered especially during the winters as the dry cold wind can damage your baby’s skin and can irritate her.

3. Oiling Tip

If you baby’s skin feels a bit of dry, massage for at least 2 times daily with appropriate baby oil. In comparison to the baby creams, baby oil has a higher tendency of penetrating deep into the skin. This helps in keeping the skin soft.

Using an appropriate quantity of baby oil, massage helps the skin to absorb sufficient quantity of moisturizing oil for effective smoothening of the skin. Application of oil can be done all over the body, nose area, etc.

You just have to rub a particular body area with oil properly if the skin on that specific rea appears to be dry. Massaging your baby’s body also enhances blood circulation and helps your baby feel relaxed. That’s the reason why you must have often wondered that why your baby immediately wants to go off to sleep right after the massage. Body massage with a mild oil makes your baby’s skin shiny, healthy and soft.

4. Hydrate well

Another equally important tip for skin care is to keep your baby well hydrated. As the baby is 6 months old, give your baby lukewarm water to drink such that he/she remains well hydrated. Just as water is necessary for keeping an adult’s body hydrated, it is also important for a baby’s skin and body.

However, on this point, we would like to mention that your paediatrician can suggest you the most suitable amount of water that should be consumed by your baby on a daily basis. This amount depends on the exact age, health and weight of your baby.

Also, the amount of water may vary depending on the weather. So we recommend you to consult your paediatrician for the exact amount of water that has to b consumed by your baby.

5. Clothing Tip

Besides using the appropriate baby skin care products, the right clothes must also be selected. Right from protection from cold and other external agents, clothes helps give the right protection to the baby and helps retain the moisture levels.

Also, make sure your baby isn’t overloaded with clothes. This may result in treating skin irritation, redness and even rashes.

Also, make sure the woollens aren’t directly worn on bare skin as this may lead to irritating skin diseases. One important point is to especially take care of the nappies.

Your baby’s nappies are one of the most important clothing for her (Ask any young mother and she will explain you in a fraction of seconds, why?). They should be made of super soft cotton material so that no rashes appear. Also, the nappies should be washed and cleaned thoroughly as even a little amount of detergent can irritate your baby’s soft skin. 

6. Switch to Moisturizer Instead of Using Talcum Powder

In place of using a baby powder,  make use of baby moisturizing creams that will act as a barrier and retain moisture, by keeping away the friction that helps prevent the nappy rashes. Don’t apply any regular cream on your baby’s skin as his/her skin is very delicate.

Coconut oil can also be applied to such sore areas or any type of rashes formed during wearing the diapers. Today, we are lucky to have many baby moisturizers available easily in the market. However, we recommend you to use only those which are very mild and full of the goodness of nature.

The herbal and natural products are best for your baby’s skin as they have a minimum or no chances of any sort of side effects.

Babies are like angels! They are fragile, soft and the most important gift of your life. Being a mother, you know what is best and most suitable for her. So watch her, observe her and make your own notes to help her out and give her the best you can!

Gayathri L

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