6 Skincare Tips to Follow Before You Are 30

6 Skincare Tips to Follow Before You Are 30

When we are in our 20’s, our skin experiences the best of its health since we get the required nutrition inside out. However, 30’s is the age that tends to take a toll on our skin. This is the age where most girls get married, venture out on jobs, gives birth to children and do all that they did not do during their 20’s. Let us have a look at 6 skincare tips to follow before you are 30.

We get very little time to take care of ourselves as much as we did during our earlier years.  Healthy skin is always in when we take enough care of the same. Let us have a look at some skincare tips to follow before we are 30.

1. Safeguard Your Skin From The Sun

When you are in your 30’s, you tend to travel out for various reasons more than you did during your earlier years. The earlier years gave you the flexibility to venture out in the time you preferred to do the same. However, your 30’s may demand you to walk out in the hot sun in odd hours for performing your responsibilities towards various aspects.

Sunscreen lotions help you safeguard your skin from getting tanned due to the harmful ultraviolet rays the sun emits. Use sunscreen regularly when you go out into the hot sun even before you reach your 30’s. This is one of the easiest ways to defy aging.

2. Mask Masks Ageing

Skincare does not mean taking care of your face alone. Remember, your whole body is covered with skin. Every portion of the skin is equally important. Taking care of the facial skin may make it attractive but only till people look at you as a whole entity. When your arms, neck, and legs look discolored or dry, people will no more believe that you have a healthy skin.

Maintaining the skin completely requires a lot of effort and may appear a costly affair too. The easiest way to prepare the healthiest mask is using Yogurt which is available at home. Apply fresh Yogurt separately or by adding a couple of tablespoons of Honey as preferred.

Allow the mixture to dry for 20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean white towel. Apply this mask at least once per day particularly if you have the habit of wearing makeup every day. When you get into this practice before reaching your 30’s, skin maintenance will be a child’s play during your 30’s.

3. Exfoliating Makes Your Skin Expressive

Exfoliating your skin at least three to four times a week cleans it from the unwanted accumulation on the surface. Add an equal portion of Honey and Lemon extract to the required amount of Sugar. Mix well. Apply it all over the skin including your face and neck.

Allow the same to be on the skin for 10 minutes and gently rub in circular motions. Wipe off with lukewarm water. This will instantly clear off the skin surface from impurities, making it glow with shine.

4. Body Lotion

Many body lotions and natural oils are available for maintaining the skin supple and fresh. Ensure you apply body lotion at least twice a day as soon as you clean your skin. Apply body lotion generously mainly in those areas of your body that tend to be dry. Some areas that need focus are heels, elbows, joints and neck regions.

Choose the body lotion or moisturizer that suits your skin type. You can also use natural oils for toning your skin. Apply natural oil of your choice generously on the skin all over your body and stay put for around 10 minutes before taking bath. This will help your body retain the texture of your skin in the perfect manner giving it the extra radiance ever time you are out of your bath.

5. Healthy Food Habits Fools Ageing

It is important that you eat food items that are rich in nutrients particularly when you are in your 30’s. Food items that have high nutritional value give your skin the required health. The shine and glow your skin receives from eating nutritious food items makes it absolutely attractive. Water is a magic potion that acts as a boon to your skin inside out.

Drink plenty of water as required for your Body Mass Index (BMI). Water hydrates the skin from inside giving it the necessary glow in a perpetual manner. The high levels of hydration that water provides to your skin act as a natural moisturizer on its surface, making it look supple even before you are in your 30’s.

6. Soften Your Skin While You Sleep

Night time is the best period to soften your skin using creams available for the purpose. Your skin gets the required hydration during night times which it had lost all throughout the day. Choose the night cream that suits your skin type and applies all over your body in a generous manner before you go to bed every night.

Age remains just a number when you take proper care of your skin in a regular manner. Irrespective of the season you are experiencing, your body requires a lot of attention at all points of time. Skin being the external most aspect of the human body, the damage that it experiences through environmental factors is usually high. The texture of our skin undergoes changes according to the physical experiences we undergo from time to time.

Love your skin and spend enough time to take care of the same. A healthy looking skin acts as a natural foundation. It makes you look beautiful than before, all the time. When your skin looks healthy, it indicates that you are enjoying a good physical health and splendid mental health. Investing in your skin care is one of the best investments you can ever make in your life.

Enter into your 30’s confidently by taking care of your skin in the perfect manner during your 20’s. Remember, when the beauty of your skin radiates all around, you start radiating in the minds of others.

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