10 Simple Winter Skincare Tips

10 Simple Winter Skincare Tips

Chilly winters are the perfect times to chill out! Hot coffee, spicy snacks, stylish colorful outfits and much more! But there is one area which needs our pure concern – our skin! Yes! Listed here are 10 Simple Winter Skincare Tips that everyone should follow.

While we enjoy hot foods and hot looks with the cool breeze, we simply cannot ignore the fact that our skin completely stops cooperating with us. It becomes dull, dry, cracked or in short, unattractive.

If you too have been thinking on the same lines, we are here to help you out. We have come up with 10 amazingly simple yet very effective winter skincare tips that will help you preserve the exquisiteness and smoothness of your skin, even when the temperature goes much down than expected!

Just take a look below and get ready to face winters with a beautiful, soft and supple skin.

1. Indulge into Workouts

Let winter do not stop you from your workout schedule. Get up and indulge in your workouts for good skin and good body. If it’s the cold weather that stops you from going to the gym or jogging out, just stay inside but continue with your exercise routine.

You can try skipping, jogging at one place, yoga or if possible, your own treadmill. Spend 30 minutes on exercise and check the positive difference in your skin.

Well, winters are the time when the blood circulation in our body becomes a little dull. This happens mainly because we stop moving very often. Proper blood circulation is essential for good health and glowing skin.

By getting engrossed in exercise, you get to improve the blood circulation of your body; thereby helping out your skin too as good blood circulation adds a glow to your dull skin.

2. Keep the Skin Hydrated

Another simple winter skin care tip is to keep your skin well hydrated. And this is simply possible by drinking lots and lots of water. Even if you do not feel the thirst, you should keep drinking water. A good way is to keep a water bottle in an easy approach.

Keep it on your work table or in the kitchen where you spend most of your time. When handy, you would be able to gulp it down frequently. Also, it would be easier and healthier if you drink warm water. Make sure, it’s NOT too hot. Remember that warm water is easier to digest and does a lot of good to your body.

3. Be Gentle with your Skin

While it’s cold outside, it’s warm or hot inside our homes where we use heaters and other devices to get the essential warmth. This creates complete dryness on our skin making it look chapped and dull. The tip is to be very gentle with your skin.

Avoid hot showers and use lukewarm water instead. Use gentle soaps, body lotions and face washes which do NOT contain alcohol or any other strong ingredient.

If you like, you can add oil in your bath water. Be it washing your face, exfoliating the dead cells or just any part of skin regime, the point t be remembered is to stay gentle with your skin.

4. Take a Good Healthy Diet

A good healthy diet is a key to beautiful radiant skin regardless of what weather you consume it in! However, talking in regards to the winter season, it is recommended to have essential fatty acids in your diet as they are particularly good for your skin.

Making your skin healthy and glowing, the essential fatty acids keep you healthy from within and provide a beautiful skin from outside. These essential fatty acids include Hypercet Omega 3, 6, and 9. These can be found in foods like salmon, tuna, sardines, etc.

These Omega 3,6 and 9 are also good for your cardiovascular health as they keep your heart healthy and enhance good cell production along with boosting the energy level of your body.

5. Avoid Beverages and Alcohol

If you are fond of having beverages and alcohol, do stop them taking completely or at least limit their consumption if you wish to retain the beauty of your skin, especially in the winter season.

In the winter season, our body loses water and when you consume such drinks, the body becomes even more dehydrated leading to the chapped and dry skin. The skin also loses its luster. Thus, it is better to avoid beverages and alcohol as much as you can.

Instead look for the good and healthy option. For instance, you can have green tea which is good for digestion as well as for your skin. It is full of antioxidants and thus, helps maintain radiance in your skin.

6. Moisturize Deeply

Winter skin care is nothing without having the use of moisturizers in it. Use as many moisturizers as you can. Those having dry skin should use thick cream based moisturizers while others with oily texture should go for light moisturizers.

Look for moisturizers that contain natural ingredients like almond oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, Shea butter, aloe vera, etc. Apply moisturizer within 5 minutes of taking a shower or washing your face as this is the best time for your skin to get the moisturizer deeply absorbed in your skin.

Also, if you have got some extra time, you should try to apply moisturizer in the right way. Yes! The right way is to massage your moisturizer in gentle circular motions so that your skin cells can absorb it completely.

7. Stick to Cleansing & Toning

Cleansing and toning form the most essential part of your skincare regime. This regime should not be broken in winters too. Rather, you should do it more regularly in the chilly season. Take neat and clean soft cotton balls and dip them in cool milk.

Clean your face with these milk-dipped cotton balls. The cleansing helps remove dirt and impurities from your face making your skin feel and look clean. Once you are done with cleansing, do apply a toner too.

Toning creates tightness in your skin and makes ready for the application of moisturizer. Also, while making it your daily skin care rule, also use cleansing and toning before going to bed, especially in winters.

8. Try Homemade Face Packs

Homemade face packs are an easy and amazing idea to keep your skin looking beautiful even in winters. The best part of using these homemade face packs is that they can be applied anytime in the comfort of your home. Moreover, they are many costs effective as most of the ingredients are easily available in your kitchen.

In winters, you can try the easy-to-make face packs including the papaya face pack, avocado face pack, mixed fruit face pack and many more. Also, those having dry or very dry skin can use fresh milk cream. Yes! Believe us, this trick is the simplest way to get smooth, baby soft and glowing skin instantly!

9. Do Not Forget the Sunscreen

If you think that you do not need sunscreen protection in winters, you are completely wrong! You need the sunscreen in winters as much as you need it in summers. The only difference in that the sun plays hid and seek in winters and so you do not feel the scorching heat.

But the important point is that the UV rays of the sun still keep on doing their work by damaging your skin. Thus, to protect the beauty of your skin, make sure to apply good quality moisturizer as well as sunscreen 30 minutes prior to going out of your home.

10. Pamper Yourself

Winters are the best time to pamper yourself as well as your skin. So why not spend some money on good spas and saloons. Try fresh and creative face masks. Get relaxed and enjoy.

You would be delighted to know that there are so many interesting and effective face masks that would not only beautify your skin but would also make you feel refreshed and lively. You may try the intensive hydrating mask, chocolate mask, gold face mask, diamond face mask and yet many more!

Apply these simple winter skin care tips and enrich your skin with the goodness of these amazing tips. We are sure you will not only maintain a beautiful skin with these tips but will also enjoy winters to the fullest! Cheers!

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